Friday, December 20, 2013


[ JP ]:dsg. watches / *mesh

Finally, [ JP ]:dsg. proudly presents these 4 new watches

Revolution clock - Time-X clock - Quatrato clock - 2-Time clock

Check out all the new features which comes with the watches, 
choose your personal one or take them all if you do not will decide.

    [ JP ]:dsg. Revolution_one clock                                                   [ JP ]:dsg. Time-x clock


          [ JP ]:dsg. Quatrato clock                                                       [ JP ]:dsg. 2-Time clock


    Have fun & enjoy them with these awesome features:

    +Multicolor HUD with 8 colors
    +Resizer for a supreme fit
    +Costumize time and time zones
    +Costumize single parts

Get it at [ JP ]:dsg. Mainstore

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